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Benefits of the ActivCare® program

ActivCare® Residential Alzheimer’s care is a specialized care program for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. ActivCare® is designed to help residents maintain a high level of self-esteem and dignity through activities and a secure, home-like setting.

ActivCare® Plus offers specialized dementia care and services for residents needing extra attention.

An R.N. Case Manager is available to assess any potential new residents or answer questions regarding desired living services or levels of care.

Residents placed in our ActivCare® program benefit in many ways...

  • Because the perimeters are secured, the residents often enjoy their freedom to move about, which helps decrease agitation.
  • The activity-based program actually helps decrease wandering behavior by focusing residents’ attention and interest.
  • Psychotropic medications are often times reduced, increasing residents’ alertness and activeness, which can be focused into meaningful activities.
  • The social settings and routines of meal times help residents enjoy dining and intake may actually improve.
  • The reduced pressure to “fit in” or “behave” helps decrease depression and catastrophic reactions, which may have been prevalent in the home setting.
  • Residents many times sleep better and develop patterns of rest as a result of the busy daily schedule in ActivCare®.
  • Toileting routines and habits developed with staff assistance helps reduce incontinence.
  • New residents may experience a period of transition that may last one to four weeks, but then adjust well to their new home.