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Welcome to Brittany House - Residential Alzheimer's Care

It's about more than trust. It's about reassurance

Since 1989, ActivCare® at Brittany House has provided the finest residential living and care programs for residents affected by Alzheimer's Disease or other forms of dementia or memory loss.

The ActivCare® program is an environment that provides constant stimulation and support which allows a resident the opportunity to maintain their dignity and live life to the fullest. The meaningful activities and specialized programs at Brittany House have resulted in the reduction of medications, behavior problems, sleep disturbances and depression.

There is a high level of satisfaction among the family members of our residents. And your family’s involvement in your loved one’s life is always encouraged and supported.

Placing your spouse or parent under someone else’s care is a difficult decision. Nothing anyone can say will make this decision any easier. Except to say this: you are making the right decision in choosing Brittany House ActivCare® - Residential Alzheimer’s Care, the proven way to care for those with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia.